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BISSELL AIR220 Smart Purifier 2609A Review

What Is A Bissell Air Purifier?

Bissell is a brand known for making feature-rich air purifiers. Bissell air purifiers are very efficient when it comes to not only purifying the air in your place, but also providing a great experience.

Best of all, all Bissell air purifiers are designed in amazing ways, and these products perform and look great.

BISSELL AIR 220 2609A Design and Size

The Bissell air220 is a premium black air purifier that feels dense and stiff. Due to two properties, it feels like it’s made of solid metal rather than a cheap air purifier with a metal finish.

It’s not all metal though, as there are plastic inserts everywhere, just like any air purifiers less than $600. But, as I said before, the combination of its color tones, light indicators and a rough black bezel indicates that this is a premium air purifier. Just use Bissell air220 and you won’t notice any difference from the higher end model.

Dimensions are large for the Bissell air 220 2609A air purifier, 24 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide. It’s also solid thanks to four mid-century modern accent legs. The rectangular shape of the Bissell air 220 and these legs provide stability to the air purifier and elevate the platform.

Three-Stage Filtration

The Bissell Air220 air purifier comes with three stages of physical-only filtration. Instead of the 3-in-1 composite filter, the Bissell Air 220 has a separate filter built in. This has several advantages.
The first layer of protection is the fabric pre-filter. The filter sheet is attached to the HEPA filter with velcro strips. As a primary filter, it traps larger contaminants such as pollen, pet fur, and hair. The filter is replaceable, which comes with the main HEPA filter.
The second stage of filtration is the TrueHEPA filter as the main particulate filter. It removes 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. These particles include ultrafine dust, smoke particles, and bacteria. Filter life is up to 6 months.

The third stage is an activated carbon based odor filter. The honeycomb odor filter is filled with activated carbon granules. These granules absorb household odors and VOCs. It contains a moderate amount of activated carbon granules to neutralize pet odors, food odors, and household VOCs.

The purifier has filter reset indicators for both HEPA and carbon filters. Like HEPA filters, carbon filters last up to 6 months.

BISSELL AIR220 2609A Sound

Despite having much better fan power than the Bissell MyAir, the Bissell air 220 runs quietly within four different fan speeds. At the lowest fan speeds the noise level is just 34 decibels (db) which is quieter than library mode.

The maximum noise level of this Bissella ir220 is only 51 dB and the sound of this operation can be heard, but it is not annoying. For an air purifier with such a large fan, the Bissell air220’s noise level is truly impressive.

BISSELL AIR220 2609A Room Coverage and Power Consumption

The manufacturer recommends Bissell air220 for a 220 square foot room spelled correctly in its name.

The company describes the energy consumption of the Bissell air220 as Energy Star. The power rating of the Bissell air 220 is 75 watts, which is quite high for its fan power.

In fact, the Bissell air 220 is licensed as an Energy Star air purifier like Winix Air Purifier C545, but for some reason I can’t find the Bissell air 220 on the official Energy Star listing.
If you use the Bissell air 220 for 8 hours a day, you will have to pay $27 a year.

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