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BISSELL MYair Air Purifier 2780A Review

Not all desktop air purifier is created the same. Some are round, some are square, some fit in the refrigerator, and some fit in the corners. There are tall ones, small ones and everything in between. Due to the variety, it is easy to get lost in the sea of air purification equipment. Today we will focus on BISSELL MYair Air Purifier. Bissell MyAir is a beautiful and compact personal air purifier that can be placed on your desk or nightstand. It has a 3-in-1 composite filter that can remove polluting particles and odors. Here is the BISSELL MYair air purifier review.

Bissell 2780A MyAir Design

A very simple unit, the Bissell 2780A MyAir doesn’t support the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Also, it doesn’t come with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, an IR remote control, or anything similar. Many people prefer this model due to its simplicity.

The Bissell 2780A MyAir also does not come with an additional UV lamp for air purification and a titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating. However, it also does not produce ozone, even in small amounts.

Controls are positioned on the top of the unit and they include:

Fan speed button. It allows the user to change the fan speed for sleep, low and high. As the fan speed increases, so does the noise, but overall the Bissell 2780A MyAir is a pretty quiet unit with a noise level of 30-46 dB.

Timer button. The user can set the timer to 1, 4 or 8 hours or turn off the timer.

The night light button. It turns the night light on or off.

Filter reset button/LED.  It tells the users when it is time to replace the air filter, allowing the user to reset the air filter replacement indicator.

On/Off button turns the unit On and Off.

Bissell 2780A MyAir Filters

Bissell MyAir 2780A implements a simple three-stage air purification system that includes:

  1. Pre-filter–The Pre-Filter is used to trap large objects of contaminants such as pet hair, fur, and large dust.
  2. HEPA filter–With the HEPA filter, Bissell My Air can trap 99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter–This activated carbon filter captures common household and pet odors.

Bissell MyAir Air Purifier Noise Level

When using an air purifier in your home office, nightstand, nursery, or pets. It needs to be quiet. Bissell MyAir is very quiet thanks to its sleep mode. The lowest noise is about 30 decibels, a whisper quiet level.

Bissell MyAir Power Consumption

Bissell MyAir is extremely energy efficient like Bissell air220 smart purifier and Winix air purifier c545, consuming only 26 watts. It’s reasonable for an air purifier with such a low fan output.

If you use Bissell MyAir 8 hours a day, you only have to pay $9 a year.

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