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Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Review

Blue Pure air purifiers are known to play a very important role in keeping the air healthy for many years. The Blue Pure family has created so many great products, one of which is Blue Pure 211+.

The unit has been tested to effectively remove allergens that cause household pollutants and odors, allowing you to breathe and sleep more comfortably at any time. It will be one of the best air purifiers on the market in the future. This Blueair Blue pure 211+ air purifier review details the air purifier.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Design

This time, Blueair did a great job designing the unit. The older model was box-shaped and had a less attractive design, but this one definitely stands out. Purifiers can handle large rooms, but they are not very large. The unit weighs 13 pounds and measures 13x13x20 inches. This means that it is easy to carry a purifier around the house or to climb stairs if you want to use it in another room.

Another advantage of the design is the pre-filter, which is placed on the outside of the unit and is offered in various colors. You can choose from black, blue, yellow, gray, and pink. The advantage of this design is that you can always see when the pre-filter needs to be cleaned.

The unit can be operated at the touch of a button and is in harmony with the design of the purifier. The button adjusts the fan speed. There is a filter replacement indicator inside. With a simple design, you don’t have to worry about reading the instruction manual or getting confused with various settings. Basically all you have to do is set the fan speed and let the air purifier do the work.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Plus Filter

Three levels of filter allow the unit to handle all types of sizes and types of contaminants.

  • Pre-filter:

The first line of air filtration is a washable pre-filter that removes large particles from the atmosphere, such as dust, dander and other light floating pollutants. This pre-filter is available in many colors. Therefore, you can choose and buy the exact design that you want for your home design.

  • Particle  filter:

Particle filter, which is polypropylene filter, is in the next step, with the action of removing all the particles and odors in the air that cause pollutants up to the size of the virus, such as pollen, smoke, mold, allergens and bacteria.

  • Carbon Filter:

This filter treats volatile organic compounds, kitchen odors, smoke, and chemicals. The manufacturer claims that this filter can be purchased separately.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Coverage Area

This air purifier is quite powerful due to its built-in fan system. The manufacturer claims that it can take care of a large room of approximately 540 square feet. Check the CADR number to see if it is correct.

  • Dust 350
  • Pollen 350
  • Smoke 350

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Noise

Blueair is again near the top of the rankings in the noise test score. On high, Blueair is actually similar to Medify ma-25, but with a noticeable pitch, but it’s consistent and can fade into the background as you get used to it. On low, it produces a very low hum that you may notice when doing quiet activities like reading, but it is not annoying at all. Overall, Blueair Blue Pure 211 plus air purifier do a great job in noise testing.

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