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Coway Airmega 400(G) Smart Air Purifier Review

Coway is passionate about helping people pave the way to cleaner, healthier indoor air. The company’s products are cleverly designed and include some smart features and filters to meet the needs of anyone on budget. In addition, the award-winning company offers a dedicated customer service team to help customers every step of the way without sacrificing quality.

Whether you’re looking for an air purifier for asthma, allergies, smoke, or odors, Coway has an air purifier that meets your needs. The company’s Airmega product line, including the Airmega 400, features a Coway Max 2 filter, a single filter with activated carbon, and TrueHEPA components. Whatever your needs, Coway offers a variety of high-quality indoor air solutions to help you and your loved ones breathe healthier, cleaner air. Here is the Coway Airmega 400(G) Smart Air Purifier review.

Airmega 400G Design and Specs

The Airmega 400 is available in white and graphite / silver. We tested a graphite model that goes well with the dark tones of the dining room. The unit is 23 inches tall and 15 inches wide and deep, so it takes up a bit of space, but doesn’t dominate the space.

The unit weighs 25 pounds, so it is not ideal to carry around to purify the air in every room in the house. However, when moving, there are handles on both sides.

AIRMEGA 400 Air Filter Types

Whether you choose the AIRMEGA 400G version, the following two filters are available:

  • Pre-filter —Traps the largest contaminants, such as dust, hair and dirt, in a fine micro-mesh material. This filter also extends the life of the main filter, called the Max2 filter.
  • Max2 Filter — This is a highly specialized filter that combines two air cleaning technologies in one:
    • True HEPA Filter:Captures 99.97% of ultrafine particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This removes contaminants such as allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and particulate matter (PM2.5).
    • Activated Carbon Filter:Reduces fumes such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) and NH3 and CH3CHO, which are harmful to health, by 99%.

The pre-filter is permanent and does not need to be replaced. You can clean trapped particles by simply washing them regularly with soap and water.

Max2 filters, on the other hand, are not permanent. It should be replaced when it is full of contaminants. This is approximately every 12 months.

AIRMEGA 400G Room Coverage

The AIRMEGA 400G room coverage has been significantly improved, but other specifications can be sacrificed. The manual states that the AIRMEGA 400G can cover up to 1560 square feet. But if you double your air exchange (ACH) per hour, this air purifier works for only half of 780 square feet.

Coway AIRMEGA 400G Sound

Noise levels on the Coway AIRMEGA 400G range from 22 decibels to 52 decibels (db). This air purifier is as quiet as the Medify MA-112 Air Purifier, despite the much higher fan output. By the way, high fan output often means unavoidable noise, but Coway seems to be really impressive at fan upgrade. The noise level at minimum fan speed is exactly the same as a hard-to-hear rustling.

Even with this air purifier running at the highest setting, the Coway AIRMEGA 400G only produces white noise, making it suitable for bedrooms as well.

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