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Dyson HP04 Air Purifier Review

Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool is a smart kit that can be used as a fan, heater and air purifier. As you would expect from this beautiful-looking kit, it is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices and can be controlled via voice commands. More importantly, there is a Dyson app that can be operated via a smartphone.

Fans and air purifiers can help you stay cool while working at home or studying at home. In winter, it can be working as a heater and keep you warm.

Dyson HP04 Design and Size

The outstanding feature of Dyson HPO4 air purifier is its beautiful and ingenious design. It has a bladeless fan with an oval amplifier. Compared to its predecessor, the Dyson HP04 is slightly taller with height of 30 inches. The diameter of the amp is 8 inches, while the previous model was 6 inches. The LCD display is located on the air intake grill. The display is more detailed and clearer than other models. You can check the humidity, temperature and air quality of the room on the LCD screen.

The HPO4 air purifier is heavier than other models in the series, weighing 12.35 pounds. However, it is light enough to be moved to another room.

Dyson HP04 Hot and Cool Air purifier Filters

The HPO4 air purifier uses the same air filter as other fourth-generation vacuum cleaners. It uses two types of filters.

Carbon filters: neutralize household odors, such as smoke and food, and other types of odors, such as benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde.

HEPA filter-The HEPA filter is designed to capture dust particles, pet dander, bacteria and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. The filter can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles.

The HPO4 filter can purify the air in your home in just two minutes. If you suffer from allergies, HEPA filters can protect you and your family from allergens in the air. The filter is high quality and can use 100% ozone safely.

Dyson Air Purifier HP04 Modes

HPO4 air purifier has three basic modes:
Automatic mode: In automatic mode, HPO4 air purifier uses built-in sensors to automatically detect air quality and automatically detects settings for adjustment. The effect is that it adjusts the fan speed by itself.
Custom mode: In this mode, you can use the remote control to manually adjust the heating settings and fan speed. The temperature and oscillation angle can be set in the range of 0~350°, and the airflow direction can be adjusted forward or backward.
Night mode: In the night mode, the purifier runs at low decibels and dims the lights and digital display so that you can get plenty of rest.

Dyson HP04 Room Coverage

The Dyson HP04 is as powerful as the latest Dyson DP04 in terms of fan power. This air purifier can easily clean a 400 square feet room. The maximum airflow of the Dyson Pure HP04 is 83 gallons per second, which is equivalent to 665 cfm.

DYSON HP04 Air Purifier SOUND

Another advantage of Dyson air purifiers is their extremely quiet operation. The noise level of this air purifier is between 54 decibels and 81 decibels. It is very quiet and can be used while studying in the bedroom or office. Of course, this is not the best quiet air purifiers, of course, this isn’t the best quiet air purifier, but no one will get bored with Dyson fans. That said, the Dyson HP04 is an excellent air purifier that can be used almost anywhere in the bedroom or office.

Power Consumption of Dyson HP04

HPO4 excels in energy consumption compared to other air purifiers. In cooling mode, the power consumption of this air purifier is 36-44 watts, which is good for average purifiers. In heating mode, the purifier consumes 1536 W. It looks expensive, but it’s suitable for this mode. Compared to other air purifiers, HPO4 is more energy efficient. On average, using an HPO4 air purifier for 8 hours a day costs only $ 16 a year.

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