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Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Review

Dyson brings elegance and efficiency to a pure hot + cool air purifier which has a great performance in all weather conditions. Unlike other air purifiers on the market today, the Dyson HP04 can generate hot and cold air based on user preference, and voice control makes it easy to change settings. With such a smart air purifier on the market, you won’t feel the need to buy another model. Here is the Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Review.

Dyson HP04 Air Purifier Features

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier offers 10 different speed settings, with most other models offering up to 3 or 4 settings. These speeds can be adjusted remotely, as needed, using the buttons on the purifier body or via the smartphone app.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifiers are more than just air purifiers. Its long-range, purified heat projection allows the entire room to be evenly warmed even in winter.Similarly, in warm climates, clean air can cool the room evenly.

Remote control

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled air purifiers, you can operate the model by voice operation. This helps to control the device remotely. Detailed instructions for doing so can be found in the manual.

Automatic mode

The Dyson HP04 hot + cold air purifier has an automatic mode. It automatically detects air quality, filters air pollutants, and provides fresh air for breathing.

LED Display

The Dyson HP04 has a new LED display. This LED allows you to see the contaminants in your room. This LED also shows the status of the filter, so you don’t have to manually remember the filter replacement date.

Oscillation System

The oscillation function moves the air flow back and forth to distribute the purified, heated and cooled air to every corner of the room. In Dyson, the swing angle of the hp04 has been improved to 350 degrees. On the other hand, in Dyson, hp01 and hp02 fluctuate only 70 degrees.

Good for allergies and asthma

The Dyson Air Purifier is approved by the American Allergic Asthma Foundation. If you are allergic, try the Dyson hp04 hot air and cold air purifier.

Filtration system

This Dyson HP04 features an improved HEPA filter and a two-stage cleaning system, making it is a powerful air purifier. The heating and cooling system made it a great air purifier than others.

True HEPA Filter

The Dyson HP04 Air Purifier uses a Glass HEPA Filter that captures 99.97% of air pollutants such as dust, bacteria, allergens, molds and spores. This filter removes 0.3 micron particles.

Activated Carbon Filter

It has a powerful activated carbon filter that can remove any gas and odor from your room. It is full of impregnated carbon that absorbs and removes benzene, nitrous oxide, and formaldehyde.

Dyson HP04 Sound

Another advantage of using a Dyson air purifier is its extremely quiet. Noise levels are measured only in the range of 40 to 57 decibels (db), which is considered “quiet”. Of course, this isn’t the best quiet air purifier, but everyone must be able to care about Dyson fans. With smooth airflow, the Dyson HP04 has won the Quiet Mark Award for improved sound and quality. So, the Dyson HP04 is an excellent air purifier that can be used almost anywhere like in the bedroom or office.

Dyson HP04 Power Consumption

In cooling mode, the Dyson HP04 consumes 36-44 watts. This is low enough power for an average air purifier. However, the power rating in heating mode reaches 1575 watts. You can’t save energy in heating mode, but you should be aware that it still consumes better power than some console heaters.

If you use the Dyson HP04 air purifier to purify the air and work 8 hours a day, you only have to pay $ 16 a year.

Dyson HP04 Warranty

The Carbon and glass HEPA filters can be used for a year, but if you live in a dusty environment, we recommend cleaning the filters every 15 days.

Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on the parts and labor of the Hot + Cool air purifier. The warranty will ensure that Dyson covers all costs of repairs or replacements within the warranty period, but this does not include the filters.

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