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Honeywell HPA 200 Air Purifier Review

The HPA 200 air purifier is part of Honeywell’s three most popular model series. They have similar designs and offer different levels of room ratings. The recommended room coverage for HPA200 air purifier is about 310 square feet (about 16 x 19 ft in size for a room). There is no problem in a small room, but it is designed to be an air purifier for a large room.

Honeywell HPA200 Air Cleaner Filters

Honeywell HPA 200 air purifier has True HEPA filters and a single separate pre-filter.

Pre-filter – The pre-filter has Activated Carbon filter in it. The pre-filter can catch items such as larger odors and larger hair and larger dust.

True HEPA filter –The air cleaning process works with “real” HEPA filters to efficiently remove small allergens, dust and smoke particles.

Honywell HPA200 Air Purifier Design

Like other classic Honeywell models, the Honeywell HPA200 comes in two iconic versions. The black version is called the HPA200 and the white version is called the HPA204.

Honeywell’s design is a bit boring when you look at the photos of the latest series of cheap air purifiers from other brands such as GermGuardian and Levoit. However, this trend still motivates many to buy the Honeywell HPA200, as Honeywell is known for producing high quality air purifiers. Whole body air intake and using the classic Honeywell design makes it look good. This design is very suitable for fan output which improves the power of air purifying.

While many other air purifiers in the same price range all use a plastic body, the Honeywell HPA200 uses a combination of plastic and metal. At the top of this air purifier is the air outlet grill. There are also two handles on each side of the Honeywell HPA200. Fortunately, the Honeywell HPA200 weighs only 14 pounds, which is less than 10 pounds compared with Honeywell HPA300. This air purifier can be easily moved anywhere in the house.

The Noise Levels of HPA200 Air Purifier

In Germ mode, the device works surprisingly quietly on such a powerful machine. This mode is especially useful when the flu season occurs.

In General mode, the sound of the air purifier in this large room is a bit loud.
In Allergen mode, it is larger than General Mode, but not significantly. The noise could not affect your chatting with someone via your phone.

In Turbo setting, it is a different story. This is too big for me. Some people even say that the turbo setting is unbearably noisy. Fortunately, you don’t have to turn on the turbo setting for asleep.

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