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Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier Review

If you are looking for a small air purifier on your desk or bedside table to remove dust, smoke, allergens and odors, the Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier is for you.

Levoit Core 200S Design

Now let’s talk about the Core 200S. Round edges and white cylindrical body are common features of Revoit air purifiers. Even with the Core 200S, I feel this design is very predictable. Yes, if there was nothing else to change, the console has been elevated. Note that unlike Vista 200 is a bit thin, the Core 200S is quite cylindrical.

The Levoit Core 200S air purifier follows the traditional bottom-up airflow. All cylindrical air purifiers follow the same approach of 360 degree air intake. There is also a cylindrical mono-filter consisting of a pre-filter, a carbon filter and a HEPA filter layer.

When the air purifier is paired with the VeSync mobile app, the indicators on the console flash. You also get a soft night light with the freedom to turn it off.

Levoit Core 200S Filtration System

The air filtration system for the Levoit Core 200S includes:

  • Pre-filter–This filter traps the largest pet hair particles, pet dander, dust and other contaminants. It is recommended to clean this filter for 1-2 weeks to maintain air flow at its best.
  • True HEPA Filter–This filter captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. This includes pet dander and allergens. This filter is the most powerful type for removing all kinds of internal pollutants such as dust, smoke, bacteria and mold spores.
  • Activated Carbon Filter–This filter removes pet odors from the air. It also removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other types of chemicals that float in the air. This will help keep you and your pet from inhaling harmful gases.

Levoit Core 200S Room Coverage

The Levoit Core 200S is a small room air purifier suitable for areas up to 183 square feet. This is when you want to clean the air in your room 5 times an hour. If you are ok with delivering less ACH, maybe 3 or 4, you can run it in a larger room.

Levoit Core 200S Sound

Air purifiers used in bedrooms and homes should be quiet due to the low fan speed. At maximum fan speeds, air purifiers are noisy, but they should still be acceptable. Small air purifiers have almost no noise problems due to the lack of large fans. There is no need to extract a lot of air. In this respect, the Levoit Core 200S like Levoit core-p35 or Levoit core 300s air purifier is very quiet at the lowest fan speeds. The minimum noise level is only 24 decibels, but the normal maximum speed is 48 decibels.

Power Consumption

Looking at the power consumption of the 15-watt Levoit Vista 200, it seems to be energy efficient. Using the Levoit Core 200S for more than 8 hours a day, it costs only $ 13 a year.

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