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Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier Review

Air purification is very important to your health. The benefits of clean air cannot be ignored, even for those who do not suffer from allergen problems. People living in urban environments have been shown to age literally faster in response to air pollution at the biological level. And this can make a good air purifier a good investment for your well-being.

Levoit is a reliable brand of safe and well-designed air purifiers that removes home odors and reduces allergic symptoms. This review introduces the Levoit Vista 200 air purifier, a small, affordable and stylish unit designed for small spaces.

What Does Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier Do?

Asthma and Allergies-According to Levoit standards, Vista 200 does not have ozone-producing properties (such as ionizers and UV-C lamps), so it is safe for people with asthma and ozone allergies.

Filtration systems process the most common household allergens and even smaller ones, due to genuine HEPA filters and pre-filters. Many positive reviews describe a severe reduction in allergic symptoms when waking up in the morning and a more acceptable experience during the hay fever season.

Household odorsThe Levoit Vista 200 air purifier can help to reduce the associated odors in case your space is occupied by pets, smokers, or food. The activated carbon filter works by absorbing odors and keeping the air fresh and neutral.

Levoit Vista 200 Three Stage Filtrations

Like the high-end Levitt Purifier, the Vista 200 was built with a 3-filter purifier system. Although it isn’t a $ 400 purifier, you’ll get basically almost the same thing.

As always, the first is a pre-filter. Basically, there are materials that collect large items such as dust and debris. The pre-filter does not need to be cleaned or replaced frequently and can be forgotten after Vista starts. Of course, the actual filter occurs when the air passes through an existing HEPA filter.

Because the HEPA filter is supposed to capture mold spores, bacteria that’s been made airborne, allergens, pollen, and so on. Basically everything you might want to sweep out of the air, with the exception of airborne chemicals. Notably, different kinds of HEPA filters allow you to capture smaller and smaller particles. But the more advanced filters tend to have slightly higher cost as well, so you tend to only want to use a filter that’s appropriate to your needs.

This is because HEPA filters are supposed to absorb mold spores, bacteria, allergens, pollen, etc. Basically, whatever you want to remove from the air, except for the chemicals in the air.

Levoit Air Purifier Vista 200 Features

The Vista 200 is very similar in style and appearance to other Levoit air purifier models such as the Core 300, LV-H132. It is cylindrical and has a control panel at the top, an intake vents all around the bottom, and an outlet vent at the top. The air intake is around the device and it should be placed on the floor with at least 15 inches of free space around it.

The control panel is easy to understand and easy to use thanks to the symbols and indicator lights. In terms of features and modes, this device is simple because it lacks automatic modes, air sensors and WiFi. However, not everyone wants a bundle of bells and whistles, especially if the cost is quite low, so we don’t consider this a negative.

Fan Speed: Choose from 3 fan speeds setting  (via button and indicator light)

Timer: Set the device to run for 2, 4, or 8 hours before it turns off automatically

Sleep Mode: Sleep mode switches the device to the slowest fan speed and reduces screen brightness.

On / Off Display-This is a great feature as you can turn off the LED lights in the control panel

Levoit Air Purifier Vista 200 Room Coverage 

The Levoit Vista 200 can handle a 170 square feet room. However, other specifications must be considered to determine the actual fan output of this air purifier.

The ACH of Levoit Vista 200 is 2X which can clean your room every 30 minutes.

As to CADR, it is typically 50cfm. The Levoit Vista 200 has the same power as the old Levoit LV-H133 fan, so it takes the same amount of time to clean the room. The best advice is to use this air purifier as much as possible.

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