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Medify MA-35 Air Purifier Review

If you have children at home, elderly parents or a family member who is sensitive to dust, it is time to invest in a good HEPA air purifier. A small investment can save you a lot of clinic visits and, most importantly, keep your family healthy. Any model on the market will work. However, some products guarantee 360-degree purification over a wider area and are very effective in effectively eliminating viruses, bacteria and airborne particles.

Medify MA-35 is a model to the air purifier market. The latest Medify models come with attractive designs and great color options. HEPA air purifiers are also reasonably priced compared to other models on the market. If you are looking for an inexpensive air purifier, this Medify MA-35 air purifier review will help you determine if this product meets your needs.

Medify MA-35 Powerful Filtration System

The Medify MA-35 air purifier has a powerful 3-in-1 filtration system and an optional UV sterilizer. The filters are on all 4 sides of the air purifier and its first line of protection is the pre-filter. This filter traps large particles such as lint, dust and pet dander.


By trapping large particles, the pre-filter increases the life of the H13 HEPA filter. For better performance, vacuum the pre-filter once a month.

H13 HEPA filter

The next step in the filtration system is the HEPA H13 filter. This filter is more efficient than traditional HEPA filters. It captures most air pollutants, including fine dust, smoke particles, bacteria and even viruses.

Basically, it traps 99.9% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. By trapping pollutants you can’t see, the H13 HEPA filter reduces asthma and allergies’ common triggers.

Carbon filter

The last step is the carbon filter. Consists of carbon granules, it absorbs VOCs, smoke, gases and odors of houses and pets. VOCs are created by burning fuels such as wood, kerosene and gas. They also come from personal care products such as hair sprays, cleansers and perfumes.

Medify MA-35 Room Coverage

The manufacturer recommends the Medify MA-35 for use in a room of 640 square feet, but for maximum performance, you should use this device in a smaller room.

Medify MA-35 ACH is up to 4x. According to the manufacturer, clean a 640 square foot room twice an hour.

Medify MA-35 Sound

The Medify MA-35 maybe not a great bedroom air purifier, especially when running at the highest fan speed. The maximum volume of this air purifier is 65 decibels (db). You can run it at a low speed if you want to place in bedroom.

At the lowest speed, the noise level is 43 decibels, which is significantly higher than a conventional device. However, it is still suitable to sleep with the air purifier on.

Medify MA-35 Power Consumption

The Medify MA-35 consumes 40 watts, which is fortunately less than the Medify MA-40. I believe that this next air purifier will be Energy Star certified from the manufacturer. Running the Medify MA-35 for 8 hours a day costs $ 14 a year

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